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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

IA, MI: 'Real people' set to address Dem convention

11:57 AM

The Associated Press reports:
An Indiana railroader, an Iowa mother and a Michigan truck driver are getting a moment at the Democratic convention to help portray Barack Obama as the people's champion and counter GOP characterizations of him as an out-of-touch celebrity.

The idea is for these "real people," as the campaign calls them, to share personal stories about why they are supporting the Democratic presidential candidate and how they think he will help folks like them and the more than 20 million expected to be watching the convention at home.
Iowan Candi Schmieder, a member of the city council in Marengo, is due to speak Monday night to an audience of approximately 20,000 people despite the fact that, as she says in the article, "My voice shakes when I speak in front of 50 people at work at a meeting."

Also among the scheduled speakers is Roy Gross, a Michigan truck driver and single father to a college-age daughter.

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