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Thursday, August 28, 2008

MN: Madia first on the air in 3rd CD

10:33 AM

In Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District, which features a three-way race between GOPer Erik Paulsen, Dem Ashwin Madia and Independence Party candidate David Dillon, Madia is the first on the air with a TV ad. The three candidates are running to replace retiring Republican Rep. Jim Ramstad.

In the ad, titled "Running," Madia uses a voice-over to give a brief biography, touching on his Minnesota background and his service in Iraq, over video of him running in a "Marines" sweatshirt.

Minnesota Public Radio said Madia took a "gamble" by visiting the Democratic National Convention this week with the election 10 weeks out, but the Denver trip gave him the chance to fill his campaign coffers.

From the story:
People all over the country can't vote for Madia. But they can give him something else he needs. California Congressman Mike Honda, who was one of Madia's earliest supporters, made the pitch for Madia at an event focused on Asian Americans in politics.

"The good news is: He's got all the money that he needs, but it's in your pocket still, and it's in your wallet. So, using the internet, talk to your friends, and send it on out," said Honda.

Then Madia got up to seal the deal, saying he's positioned to add a seat to the Democratic House majority.

"It's a 50-50 district. It's one of the top ten races in the whole country right now, mostly likely to flip from Republican to Democrat," Madia told the crowd. "We've raised about $1.5 million, so far. I haven't taken a dime of corporate PAC money this entire time. We've been doing it brick by brick, inch by inch. The poll numbers look good. We've got a great field operation. We've got great mentors. We've got the best volunteers in the entire country."

Madia wouldn't say how much he hopes to raise in Denver, but he acknowledged he is here to collect some checks.


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