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Friday, August 8, 2008

WI: Gov. Doyle, GOP duel on nuke power

5:09 PM

Republicans continued to accuse Gov. Jim Doyle of changing his stance on nuclear power today and breaking with Barack Obama on the issue, while the governor insisted his position has been consistent and said the Dems' presidential nominee shares his openness to exploring it as an option for the country's energy needs.
The two sides held dueling conference calls, sparked after Doyle said this week that his task force on global warming reached a "good conclusion" in recommending the easing of Wisconsin's moratorium on new nuclear power plants.
Listen to audio of Doyle's remarks

Republicans seized on the comments yesterday to say Doyle had changed his position and attributed it to John McCain's support of expanding nuclear power. They claimed Obama is opposed to more nuclear energy.

See a state Republican Party release on the issue

Doyle dismissed GOP claims that he'd changed his position or broken with Obama as "this sort of desperate attempt to make things up on energy." He said he supports the task force's recommendation to allow the state to move forward in considering nuclear energy and insisted Obama was open to doing the same.
"Somehow this idea that that's an abandonment of one position and the acceptance of another is just nonsense," Doyle said.

See an Obama campaign release from today


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