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Monday, August 11, 2008

IA: High Democratic registration may give Obama edge in Iowa

10:00 AM

The dramatic resurgence of registered Democrats in Iowa means the Midwestern battleground that Republican George W. Bush carried by a whisker four years ago may be far less competitive in November, national experts in voter registration say. ...

In Iowa, the number of registered Democrats has increased 16 percent since mid-2004, according to statistics from the Iowa secretary of state.

Trailing Republicans by roughly 8,000 in the summer before the 2004 election, registered Democrats now outnumber them by more than 90,000, according to statistics reflecting changes in July.

Democrats are within reach of eclipsing the number of voters who do not claim a party affiliation on their registration, Iowa's fastest-growing voter group as recently as 2003.
Read the entire item from the Des Moines Register.


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