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Friday, September 19, 2008

ALL: Big 10 Battleground Poll shows tight state races

10:51 AM

A new survey of registered voters in states with Big 10 universities shows a series of tight races across the Midwest.

From the poll press release:
The surveys show a tight race in all of the Big Ten states except for Obama's home state of Illinois, where he holds a 16-point lead over McCain. The two candidates are tied in Iowa and Pennsylvania, and Obama has just a one-point lead in Ohio and Wisconsin. McCain is ahead in just one state -- Indiana -- where he leads by 4 percentage points.

"The close margins in the vast majority of states show that whatever the effects were immediately after the national party conventions, these states have moved back to a highly competitive status, with neither candidate having a clear lead, except in Illinois," said [UW-Madison political science professor Charles] Franklin, co-developer of
The individual state results, which are all based on surveys of at least 600 registered voters and include "leaners":

Illinois: Obama 52.9%, McCain 37.0% Indiana: McCain 46.7%, Obama 43.2% Iowa: Obama 44.8%, McCain 44.8% Michigan: Obama 47.8%, McCain 43.8% Minnesota: Obama 47.3%, McCain 44.5% Ohio: Obama 45.6%, McCain 45.1% Pennsylvania: Obama 45.0%, McCain 44.6% Wisconsin: Obama 45.2%, McCain 44.3%


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