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Monday, October 6, 2008

MI, WI: NBC analysis slides states to Obama column

1:07 PM

NBC's political team has moved Michigan and Wisconsin from toss-up status to "lean Obama" in its latest analysis of the electoral map. Here's where the states line up:

Likely Obama: IL
Lean Obama: IA, MI, MN, WI
Toss-up: OH

From NBC's First Read
Per our map, to reach 270, Obama has to hold on to the Kerry states -- winning New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin -- and pick up just one more state other than Nevada (which would get him to 269 and send the election to the House). Here's McCain's challenge: If he's unable to turn a blue state red, then he has to win EVERY SINGLE Toss-up to get to 270. It's doable, but it's also the poker equivalent of drawing an inside straight.


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