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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ALL: Atlantic magazine updates its electoral map

3:13 PM

Atlantic reporter/blogger Marc Ambinder released the magazine's latest look at presidential preference by state. In the newest edition he lists Iowa as a "solid Obama" state and has Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota all ranked as "lean Obama."

Here's what he had to say about the Midwestern states:
Iowa -- moves from lean Obama to SOLID Obama.

Minnesota -- still enough traction for McCain here so as to warrant a lean-Obama designation, but even Al Franken is moving up.

Michigan -- Last night, the Michigan Republican Party released a survey conducted for the MIRS newsletter showing Obama with a five point lead in Michigan, hoping to pressure the McCain campaign to revisit its decision to pull ads from the state.

Wisconsin -- the polls are holding; Wisconsin now leans Obama.

Ohio -- The state stubbornly resisted Obama's charm until the bottom fell out of the economy, and now it's coming around. McCain's decision to withdraw from Michigan gives Obama time for a liesurely two-day bus tour through Ohio later this week.
Read his post for the full rankings


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