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Friday, October 31, 2008

MN: Bachmann, Tinklenberg meet for final 6th CD debate

8:56 AM

From Minnesota Public Radio:
During an interview on MSNBC, Bachmann said she was concerned Barack Obama might have anti-American views. She also called on the media to look at the views of members of Congress and find out if they are they pro-America or anti-America.

Bachmann has since said she was misunderstood. But during the MPR debate, she denied making the comment. Bachmann also insisted that voters aren't asking about the issue.

"That is not what I said in recent remarks, and the number one thing that people have been concerned about as they talk to me when I'm all over the district campaigning is the bailout. That's their main concern," said Bachmann.

But the controversy that Bachmann sees as a non-issue resulted in a financial windfall for Tinklenberg. Donations to his campaign have totaled nearly $2 million in the past two weeks. Tinklenberg says Bachmann's comments show the need for political unity and bipartisan cooperation.

"The idea that this is not an issue in the campaign is simply not credible," said Tinklenberg. "I mean it's what's given this campaign a national interest. And it's what generated Colin Powell's comments about that kind of nonsense has got to stop. It is important."
The Associated Press reported on the candidates' back-and-forth over the economy:
When Tinklenberg said he would consider undoing some of President George W. Bush's income tax cuts -- while cutting taxes for the middle class and small businesses -- Bachmann jumped on the statement.

"The voters have a real clear distinction," she said. "They can have increased taxes and increased spending under El Tinklenberg or they can count on Michele Bachmann to cut their taxes and to cut wasteful spending."

Bachmann also said property taxes went up in Blaine when Tinklenberg was mayor.

Tinklenberg said he brought jobs to the suburb while keeping property taxes low -- and took the chance to tie Bachmann to Bush.

"That's a record I'm proud of, and I think it stands in good stead against the failed policies we have seen from the Bush administration," he said.


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