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Thursday, October 30, 2008

OH: Dem pollster responds to McCain camp's polling memo

3:42 PM

Pollster Stan Greenberg has responded to the McCain polling memo mentioned Tuesday at

Greenberg says Joe the Plumber may be a household name, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's helping McCain:
True, McCain and Palin have made "Joe the Plumber" famous, but not in ways that have been helpful to McCain. In our tracking of people's viewing of the news and communications over the previous few days, what they have heard about Obama has made them more favorable by 10 points (46 to 36 percent), while what they have heard about McCain has made them less favorable by 8 points (36 to 44 percent). Week after week, Obama gets favorable comments from voters, but McCain, mostly negative.

Last week, we tested the big, unfolding tax debate - including the "Joe the Plumber" storyline of wealth redistribution, raising taxes on the wealthy and cutting taxes for the middle class. Obama was winning that argument by 14 points (see Democracy Corps poll of 1,000 likely voters nationwide conducted October 21-23, 2008). In this battleground poll, Obama has taken virtually no water on being "too liberal" or "will raise my taxes" - both essentially unchanged over the past month at 51 percent.
Read Greenberg's full response


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